Institut National de la R├ęcherche Agronomique



INRA-BIA focusses on biopolymers (polysaccharides and proteins) from agro-resources:

Three main objectives are :

  • To control crops quality for food and nonfood uses
  • Develop functional biopolymer based materials and food matrices
  • To improve 'health' benefits of food

INRA-BIA staff

  • Permanent staff :125
  • Non-permanent staff: 50-60
  • 8 research teams; 1 nationally labelled instrumental platform : Biopolymers, Structural Biology (NMR, microscopy, MS, chemotyping)

Contribution to FibeBiotics project

  • Fibre production, composition and structure: production of pectins, biochemical and physicochemical (WP2)
  • Impact of NPS on immune cells : monocytes, PBMC and dendritic cells (WP 3.2)



Marc Lahaye

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