R-Consultancy Bioinformatic Services


R-Consultancy Bioinformatic Services, based in the Netherlands, aims to help researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and life-sciences companies in solving R, Bioconductor and Bioinformatics related problems. This can range from answering a simple R-related question, to doing database work, or to performing a fullnext-generation sequencing analysis (starting all the way from assembly up to collecting annotations via blast), performing all kinds of (large scale) R-calculations, to writing (and maintaining) e.g. a dedicated R-library for maximizing your research / business efforts.

Contribution to the FibeBiotics project

  • Website maintenance & support

  • Work Package 6
    • Support in human health research

    • Server administration

    • Data storage (database)

    • Integrating tools in GUI

    • Data mining and analysis


Website: http://www.r-consultancy.com

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