Genetic Analysis AS


Genetic Analysis AS is located in Oslo, Norway. The company offers a unique and proprietary technology - called GA-map™ - to analyse and profile the gut microbiota (microorganisms living in the large intestine). GA-map™ utilises differences in the 16S rRNA gene of bacteria to identify various bacteria present in the gut. A more detailed description of technology can be found on the company website. The technology allows for a high-throughput analysis platform, where 100+ samples can be analysed in less than 24 hours, from receipt of fecal sample to completed result.

Contribution to the FibeBiotics project

Genetic Analysis AS will during the FibeBiotics EU project optimise the GA-map™ test for analysis of samples from the elderly population. In addition, fecal samples will be analysed both in the pilot study and in the clinical study that is part of the project. The aim is to be able to monitor any changes in the gut microbiota as a consequence of intake of different polysaccharides in the food. In addition, any such changes will also be correlated to any changes in the immune system of the individual. Together, this will form the basis for a better documentation and understanding of the effect of polysaccharides as part of food-productson the individual.




Kari Stenersen

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