ProDigest is the company that brings to the market the SHIME® (Simulator of Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem) and its related technology platform. As a spin-off company from Ghent University (Belgium), ProDigest provides customized solutions related to gastrointestinal research to the operators in the market of food, functional food and pharmaceutical industry. We offer specialized services depending on the client company profile due to the very flexible design of our technology platform.

The SHIME® is a scientifically validated dynamic model to study physicochemical, enzymatic and microbial parameters (also the host-microbiota interaction) in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) in a controlled in vitro setting. This is the ideal instrument to simulate repeated ingestions of a given product under long-term representative GIT conditions in order to investigate the activity and stability of probiotics and prebiotics during gastrointestinal transfer, the microbial conversion of bioactive food components, the metabolism of pharmaceutical components, and the efficacy of targeted delivery systems.


Contribution to the FibeBiotics project

As a leader of WP3, ProDigest will be involved in the development and use of highly standardized methods to classify NPS (Non-Digestible Polysaccharides) for their direct immune effects and effects on gut microbiota composition and activity.

More specifically, ProDigest will make use and optimize his technology platform (batch experiments, SHIME®, M-SHIME®) to compare the intestinal fate of the different NPS and to establish dose-response effects towards changes in microbial metabolism, community composition (both at luminal and mucosal level) and immune parameters (bioactivity assays). To further facilitate the combined study of microbial processes and host effect endpoints, an innovative new two-compartment model is currently being developed by ProDigest (patent pending) and will further be optimized and used in this project (HMITM module).



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