University of Bologna

Biophysics and Systems Biology Group


Our group is part of the Physics Department at the University of Bologna, the oldest university in the world. The Biophysics and Systems Biology group has a long-standing activity in the fields of

  • Complex cellular function modelling (Immune System functionality, Neural Plasticity, effects of Electromagnetic fields on living organisms at various scales) by means of deterministic and stochastic approaches;
  • Advanced analysis of omics data (Gene Expression, SNPs, CNV, Methylation, Metabolomics) with statistical and innovative approaches based on network theory;
  • Experimental measures of cellular activity (Patch Clamp recording technique, optical and fluorescence in vivo microscopy).

Contribution to Fibebiotics project

The Bologna Group is actually collecting and setting the available network databases that will be exploited in conjunction with the experimental data obtained in the project (e.g. the Connectivity Map dataset and the KEGG network in order to integrate the most of the a-priori biological knowledge available in literature with well known and innovative network approaches and algorithms.


Prof. Gastone Castellani

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